Agricultural Fresh Produce Growers Exporters Association Of Nigeria AFGEAN



The AFGEAN (Agricultural Fresh Produce Growers and Exporters Association of Nigeria) is a non-governmental organization formed in 2012 by fruit and vegetable exporting companies, service providers and farmer organizations


The purpose of AFGEAN is to provide support to the overall Fruits and Vegetable sub-sector and acts to link the private sector with government and especially the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Trade.

Vision: To conceptualize, research, promote, develop and propagate an agricultural fresh produce industry and marketing geared towards an intrinsic and holistic development of the economy.

POLICY STATEMENT: Agricultural Fresh Produce Growers and Exporters Association shall be a non-profit organization, devoid of political, religious, ethnic or cultural affiliation, devoted mainly to serve the interest of growers and exporters of agricultural fresh produce in Nigeria but may associate with similar bodies with generic vision and objectives.

Mission: To formulate, facilitate, encourage and propagate practices and processes in line with international best practices that will grow the Nigerian Agricultural Fresh Produce Growers Industry, leading to increased consumption and export, thereby boosting production, employment generation, wealth creation thus culmination in the growth of the economy.

Our focus includes but not limited to these areas below:

  • Lobbing and advocacy for policy and strategy development

  • Private –public partnership in order to create dialogue and foster investment in the horticulture sector

  • Market information collection and data dissemination in order for the sector stakeholders to make informed decisions

  • Organization / support in the organization of business forum and event promoting horticultural activities

  • Development of standards for the sector to contribute towards the overall regulatory and statutory frame work

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10 thoughts on “Agricultural Fresh Produce Growers Exporters Association Of Nigeria AFGEAN

  1. please sir Mr. adesola, you are doing a good job. please can you link me with where to supply large quantity of bitterleaf. thanks


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  3. This is a beautiful idea, we also want to show interest on the program, how may you help other people like us to benefit from the idea this year. A A Samuel


  4. Good work Sir. Thank you.
    Please my company needs access to certain fresh produce statistics as we have a goal to reduce to a drastic minimum fresh produce spoilage. I hope you’ll be willing to help us.

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    1. you may want to have a software system in place that will manage the complete inventory and its accounting during the production process that will help keep you alert on the wastage and reduce it. We have a web based software system called FarmERP which helps planning and execution of the process right from farm to fork. for more details you can visit our website –


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