Questions On The Farm Managers Training

About The Farm Manager Training And Vacancy
1. Will you pay for the training?
“I think you should be the one paying us for providing you an avenue to be gainfully employed”
2. Must I stay on the farm for 3 months?
” The period is for us to put you through what and what is expected of you to manage a vegetable farm successfully.
Only those that completes the intensive 3 months training will be considered for the job offers
3. Is the Farm Manager Job guarantee after the training?
” Yes. 

But you have to prove to us that you are the right person for the job.
4. I am a graduate of crop production, animal science etc.
“But we both know how the Nigerian Education System works. Its all theory and no practical. 

Real life is quite different from class work.
5. But I have experience…..
“The more reason you should prove to us your capability. The training period will give you maximum opportunity to do that.
We will be glad to tap from your wealth of knowledge
6. Will you feed us?
“No. We will not.

You are to take care of your feeding.
7. How much is the tuition fee?
” The tuition is free and accommodation is N25,000 for the 3 months
8. What about accommodation.?
” We made arrangement for farm shared accommodation for the duration.
9. Apart from the accomodation fee which other financial expenses is involved?
“None other than for you to take care of yourself. You also need to transport yourself to and fro from the farm.
10. What should I budget for the transport.
” N50 from and to farm.

N100 every day for transport
11 How many days in a week do we go to farm
” Monday-Friday is full day. 

Saturday is half day

No farm on Sunday.
12. What will my feeding budget look like?
” A moinmoin wrap is N20 likewise an Akpu or fufu wrap. 

Not sure you can finish 10 wrap.
13. Is there network in the farm?

All the networks are present. 
14. Must I stay for 3 months?

If you would be needing our recommendation for the job offers.
But No if you don’t need it
15. Is it compulsory I work for your clients after the training?
” No. You might choose to work for yourself.

Some trainees training fees are paid by the farm owners. In that case, their responsibility is to the farm owners
16. Do you give loans?
No. We don’t have the capacity for loan and lending yet.
Please feel free to send us any other concern you might have
Contact 08064688501
Farm location is Ago Amodu, Saki East LGA of Oyo State.

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