Sweet Potato: The Easiest And Most Profitable Crop To Grow

By dry season late last year, my team was thinking of what to grow profitably with irrigation system. 

“Sweet potatoes” Some one suggested.

 And I was like sweet potatoes.

 How is it grown? How long will it take? Where is the market? How is the market?

It was then I learnt there is huge market demand for sweet potatoes in the South West.

I also remembered back then in Lagos, every street corner have one mama frying, plantain, yam and off course sweet potato.

Part of what I also learned is that sweet potato has its peak and glut period in the market.

 This flunctuation is attributed to the fact that most people use it as substitute for yam which is always not available all year round.

Nutritionally sweet potato is one of the vegetables capable of providing the full nutritional needs of human beings, and they’re delicious boiled or baked, whole or mashed, in puddings, breads and soup.

Sweet potatoes like it hot! They are tropical plants. 

The plants produce lush vines that make a pretty ground cover.

Sweet potatoes work best in loamy well drained soil that is not too rich

Sweet potatoes are so willing to grow that plants accidentally dropped on the ground will take off and grow if the soil they land on is warm and moist. 

Sweet potato vines will soon cover a large area. 

Thoroughly weed sweet potatoes 2 weeks after planting by pulling them gently; if possible avoid deep digging with a hoe or other tool that disturbs the feeder roots that quickly spread throughout the bed. 

These give rise to your sweet potatoes. Water weekly. Water is especially important as plants grow and roots spread.

An acre of well managed and tendered sweet potatoe farm is expected to yield between 4-5 tonnes of sweet potato.

Sweet potato can be made into several delicacies. Sweet potatoes are sweeter and, in some ways, healthier than regular potatoes.

You can cook them using many of the same methods you can use to make regular potatoes, such as boiling them or cooking them

For a more tender treat, you can even mash the sweet potatoes.

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