Why Nigerian Youths Are Unemployable

Photo credit: Adam Fletche

Ask any employer of labour in Nigeria, what is their main challenges and you will be surprised when they reply with 

“The youth today are unemployable.

How? We have so many unemployed!

Plenty graduates looking for job every year. How can you then say ” they are not employable. I thought

So I took that statement with a pinch of salt. But several years after trying all I could so to fix some of the unemployed in a decent working place I came to agree to that statement that 

“Only few percentage of Nigerian youth are willing to work”

Whether its a green collar job (Agriculture) or professional career, most work places are finding it hard coping with the lack of skill and knowledge ability of the young people.

From my observation, youths are not employable due to some of the highlighted.

* Nigerian Youth Are Too Entitled. 

Yes. Especially backed with that Institution certificates that refuse to bring food to their table. They find it hard doing some job because they think they have the papers.

 When you offer them job. They believe its their right. They are not bothered whether the business fail or not. Its not their concern provided their salary is regular.

They think they should have rewarding work, ideal work place, fair pay, good benefits which in return, they are not ready to work as hard to justify the salary.

Most young workers don’t know how to work hard. They are not willing to go the extra mile.

* Youth Are Too Apathetic.

Little cash means they have arrived. Time for spending spree. With the obsession to show off with expensive phones, clothes etc. 

Trying to impress with what they don’t have. They easily get carried away with frivolities once they have some little change. Easily forget yesterday

They are indifference to work place expectation. Barely fulfilling their own duties. Not bringing in anything to the table that could make them indisposable.

* Youth Are Just Not Ready.

One can only be committed by giving it all. Despite all the trainings and tutoring on work ethics and all. Youth are not showing up to get the jobs done.

They are under skilled and less than willing to learn what they need in order to perform the most menial labor.

Even graduate are the worst culprit incapable of accomplishing the most basic of tasks for many jobs. 

* Youth Can Not Be Trusted 

Turn your back and you will be amazed at what you get from the so called youth. They can not be trusted to handle jobs efficiently.

Even with supervision and instructions, they do what they feel and not what you ask them to do.

They lack accountability. Majority can not be trust with funds. They mismanage the whole thing

Jobs are not been created because we lack human management to handle such. 

Even if we have they easily diverts the proceeds to satisfy personal needs and cravings at the expenses of the investor.

Several farms management we have had to turn down due to lack of human resources to manage it.

* Youth And Salary Mentality.

Nigerian youths only see their salary. They are busy counting days instead of putting in their best. 

They rarely bring anything to leverage with. Its my salary or none. 

What kind of employment do we then provide for such mentality? 

Every entrepreneur requires a dependable hand to work with. Some one they can trust. Someone they can close their eyes and vouch for.

Such traits are rare to come by.



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