How To Make Sheabutter Soap

Shea  butter is organic, non-toxic, unprocessed, and can be used in cooking. 

As a moisturizer its rejuvenate adult skin, making it look and feel more resilient.

 It  help with conditions like cracks, ulcers, small wounds, eczema, dermatitis, and soothes aching muscles.

It can be use in the bath as daily soap, to help with stretch marks, and in anti-aging formulas. 

Shea Butter Coconut Milk Soap (135 g) Shea butter (180 g) Coconut oil

  •        (360 g) Olive oil
  •        (90 g) Castor oil
  •        (135 g) Palm oil
  •         (200 g) Distilled water
  •        (97 g) Coconut milk
  •         (123.2 g) Lye
  • The above ingredient will produce between 4-5 soap bar
  • Sheabutter is a great choice when it comes soap making oils. 
  • Not only does it perform beautifully in the soap making business, it also has some fantastic natural skin loving benefits.
  • First, put just the cocoa butter into the bowl/pot alone and start to melt it. 

    When the cocoa butter is partially melted, add the shea butter, and heat further.

    Continue heating the solid oils until they are completely melted. 

  • Then add the liquid oils to the mixture. the cocoa butter for 3 minutes at 50% power.  

  • Then continue to add the solid oils in the reverse order of their melting point. Coconut oil next…then the lard.

  • Mix the oils and lye together and bring the mixture to a very light trace. Add in the fragrance and stir a bit.

  • Keep stirring in one direction after mixing all the oils. The soap gradually become solidified.

  • Pour it in a soap bar. The soap will take the shape of the soap bar.

  • Remember to keep a bar of soap for yourself

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