What Make A Crop Profitable?

A lot of people are growing vegetable to meet the credit crunch.

Yes we know vegetables coukd be one of the easiest thing to grow if properly planned and scheduled

 Growing vegetables is the best way to turn your farming expertise into a means to save significant money. 

However there are factors to be considered before choosing the particular vegetables for the market and profitability

The joy of every farmer is to be able to exchange his farm produce with cash.

 Not just any cash but substantiable cash that could sustain him and his family and in turn encourage him to grow more. 

For vegetable farmers to grow profitably, he need to always produce some specific crop to go to market.
In choosing those crops, there are factors to be considered

1. Yield per square meter 

This simply means what quantity of a particular crop do you harvest from a square meter space. 

Eg : A tomato plant is expected to yield between 10-30kg while a cucumber plant is calculated to be 1-4 kg.

Some other vegetables could give a higher or lower yield per plant at a given time.

For a crop to be termed profitable, the yield per square meter needs to be justifiable

2. Days of Maturity.

Days of maturity refers to the time it takes a plant from the day of planting to harvesting. 

Cucumber plants matured within 40-60days while tomato plants could take 90-120days before harvesting.

As a vegetable farmer whose aim is to make money, there is the tendency to consider the shorter days vegetables over the longer days.

3. Price of crop per kg.

Having a bigger size crops with low price does not make it profitable. The market price is also a determining factor. 

A kg of tomatoes could go as high as N500 and sometimes more in the scarcity period. A kg of cucumber is usually between N200-N300. Its left for the farmer to choose the ones he would love to benefit financially from.

4. Harvesting Duration.

Harvesting duration means the no of days it takes to harvest a particular crop from the first day of harvesting.

Some crops are one time harvest and the plant can be replaced. Plants like tomatoes might take several months to harvest.

5. Popularity and Demand.

Vegetable farmers tend to plant the crops that are in popular demand all season. Demand for a crop dictates the production.

A farmer need to consider if he is growing for profit or if he just want to grow.

With that a farmer can increase the production of those specific crops that maybe in demand

 An intending vegetable farmer should first put all this into consideration before setting out to start the farm.

This will afford a farmer to plan his timetable and produce to meet the expected market with the appropriate price.

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Adesola Yinka

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