How Many Tonnes Of Cassava Can One Get From An Hectare?

Someone send this question to me:

“Can one get 30 – 40 tonnes yield of cassava from an hectare?

And my response is as follows:

Yes its attainable but highly difficult for the following reasons.

*  Most research where the results are quoted from are done under controlled environment. 

Controlled environment means all or some of the points below applied.
1. They don’t wait for rain to plant.

 They use irrigation system. It could be drip, sprinkler or any other form of irrigation.

2. Every possible treatment for integrated soil fertility is applied. The soil was tested and properly taken care of before planting

3. Pest and diseases are control to the barest minimum.

4. The cuttings/stem used are the highly resistance type.

5. Manured or fertilizer is heavily applied to achieve maximum result.

6. Multiplier effects is used to decide the yield per hectare

Multiplier effect is such that the research is carried out on a plot of land. 

The result is then multiplied to get the yield for an hectare.

7. Two plots of land can not give you the same yield despite using the same treatment all through.

8. One needs to follow through all the procedures recommended. 

With all this in place I have heard of a country with 90tons of cassava per hectare.

In Nigeria, IITA claimed to have achieved 30 tons per hectare under good agricultural practises.

Coming to reality and realm farmers scenario, how many people could actually followed 3 points out of the listed ones above.

Possibly if one put everything into practise, one will be guarantee of the higher yield of cassava.

This is not an easy feat to achieve on a big expanse of land

9 thoughts on “How Many Tonnes Of Cassava Can One Get From An Hectare?

    1. There a lot involve in the production of cassava and every other crops

      You need to first learn the basics before you can project

      How much are you willing to commit to realise that one million from an acre


  1. Good write up, water is the average maize harvest reality obtainable per hectare, I want to go into maize farming.


    1. There are several factors that makes the yield.
      The soil
      The manure
      The pests and control
      Water source
      Breed of cassava
      Putting all this factors together, one should harvest between 2 – 6 tons


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