Oyo State: The Land Of Plenty Where Citizen Suffers

Have you ever imagined a rich man son going to beg for food?

That’s what I likened the state of Oyo State to. Rich in resources yet the masses go to bed hungary.

Oyo State has the largest land mass in the South West of Nigeria.

We recently learned too that that Oyo State has 22 dams been the second state after Kano with 23 dams which is the food hub of Nigeria while the dams in Oyo State are unused.

Ikere Gorge dam in Oyo State alone has been laid to waste since 1982 with the facility that could irrigate 2.8million hectare of farmland.

Oyo State is a Shea nuts belt which can rake in billion of naira to the state pocket if processing factory is set up to process it.

Instead, the nuts are shipped out through the Benin, Togo brother to other countries to be processed and exports.

Oyo state has several cashew plantation. Evwn Ogbomosho cashew is aclaimed to be the best in the world.

Cashew rakes in billion of dollars for the exporters. What stops the state government from installing a cashew nut and oil processing facility in the place to earn extra income.

Let’s not even mentioned locust bean tree which are scattered all over the place.

The women in the vicinity do make African black soap. I remember seeing several cartons of well packaged black soap been exported out of Ghana in one of my travelling instances

Every month the state governor has to wait for handouts from the federal purse before he could pay salaries. 

And we learnt currently the civil servants are owned not less than 5 month wages.

 Death traps of bridges serve as boundary from Oyo State linking Kwara at Igbeti side, Same one link some town to Osun State got washed away today.

Oyo state people are majorly farmers that still work with hoes and cutlass to priduce the little they can. 

No wonder the younger ones refused going to farm since they witness their fathers back breaking tilling of the soil.

The young ones are moatly found in Lagos ridibg Okada while the female ones can easily be reached at the amala joint in cities serving as house maids.

Out of the 14 tractors bought by the state government at the the beginning of the adminstration, only 1 can be seen that is serving that large no of rural farmera.

Drilling rig are in the local governments secretariat yet water is a scarce commodity in the vicinity.

 Electricity in most part of Oyo State is once in 2 weeks. 

Whereas the Ikere Gorge Dam we learnt can supply electricity to the whole of Oyo State.

Oyo State produce the largest cassava tubers in the south west but coukd not boast of any processing factory.

Same with maize. I know several farmer in that vicinity with over 100 acres of maize farm yet no mini milling centre can be found withing 3 hours to the vicinity

Government job is only for party members and their croonies. Recently our honourables share transistor radio, grinding machine and motorcycle as part of the constituency project

Tjere has been no elective hhairman and councillor in the last 6 years of the administration. 

So they are “siddon look” representative.

We can only hope people choose wisely and not do “Omo wa ni” 

Na our piking

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