Peeping Into The Farmers World. 

To me, writing is an hobby. Something I love doing to renew my innerself. 

When I started posting things on Facebook, a lot of people keep saying

“You need to start a blog”

“Your narrative are always good etc

Since starting my own blog even though I have been on and off and not been consistent.

I have tried as much as possible to follow the rules of writing a blog which are:

” Create a Niche” some say

” Let them know you for something. Other says

I have struggled severally with not deviating from the norms by not mixing my personal life with my blog post.

The more I tried to separate the two, theore difficult its becoming for me to keep up with the blog.

So I definitely know I might not be able to hold that for long. 

I once read about Oprah Winfrey been sacked as a radio presenter (despite that she is good) because she keeps mixing her personal life story.

” Sure those guys must be regretting”

And God, they gave her the best break of her life.

Truth is a good writer writes from the inner source. The inspiration comes from within. 

Tje everyday personal experience keeps one motivated. One is able to link series of activities together

I have also read that a blog is suppose to be about something you love. Something you do with no much stress. 

My blog should be my daily activities from morning till night. How good or how bad my day went.

That’s why we have blogs with food, sex, cloth, music, tech etc

Yes. I live and breath agriculture. 

Yes. I am always in the farm with one experiments or the other which are daily interwoven. Separating them from my personal life will mean dissecting not made the story complete.

After all, my blog is suppose to be my story.

Blogging on agriculture stuff alone on my page makes me feel restricted. I have got lots and lots to write. 

Why can’t I just blog about what ever really interest me on my page? 

Off course plenty life experience on the farm to learn from. Because everything around me revolves in the farm

Imagine this morning we could not get a motorcycle to get us to farm.

* Today been Saturday, every farmer in the rural area go to farm with their family. Not forgetting most of the rural farmers could only afford a motorcycle.

 When I say us I meant me and my crew which is always and usually not less than 10 people at a time

Motorcycle you mean? 

Yes. We have been managing a “turo turo” motorcycle taking everyone turn by turn to the farm every morning. 

But early this morning we need to go pack cassava stem from another farmers farm that we have been pursuing for long.

Cassava stem?

Cassava stem is now an expensive commodity. Since cassava tubers sold very well this year. Everyone is now turning to cassava farming and this automatically cause scarcity of cassava stem.

So we joined the train. My team also made some bed to grow cassava. 

Mind you the calculation is that the price of cassava will possibly fall next year because several people has planted it this year.

But since we have an extra land. We can as well grow the cassava there and leave it for the next two years.

 So we had to wait for almost an hour by the roadside before we eventually get a vehicle.

The saving grace is because we are many. A one person mopo would have been discouraged and might possibly go back home. No farm again for today

A trainee asked me why I did not buy a car or an extra motorcycle.

” If we use the investment money to buy a car, what will you invest? Was my reply

Yes. I agree, we need a means of transport. 

But can we afford it at this moment?

The answer is simply No.

Can we manage without it? Off course Yes

Look at this scenario

* A rototiller and its accessories on the farm will cost us a million naira. 

* Same way a car will cost almost a million naira.

* A rototiller will increase our capacity to produce more crops which eventually mean more funds.

* A car will sure be consuming fuel and need some maintenance to keep it moving and in good order

* The rototiller will eventually work to fund  buying a car

Can the car do the work to fund the purchase of rototiller?

That’s what we call scale of preference in economics.

And to think I am not a grade A Economics student then.

And just as I was still battling to pen this down a call came in.

Hello good afternoon.

Good afternoon madam. I replied.

Please someone said I should contact you to assist in filling a questionnaire because you work with farmers.

My answer was outrightly No.

What? That’s unfair.

Off course yes I know.

Just 2 days ago, some one else came visiting for some information to set up her farm. 

It cost me several hours of taking her round while my team was busy working .

We actually need that extra our on the farm.

I told someone when she left that henceforth, no one come for farm visit. Its waste of manpower, it waste plenty of our time which can not be recover back.

And to think we are rushing to plant everything plantable before the end of the rain. 

Sorry guys. Its No No to farm visit.

And welcome to my blog of everything inclusive

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