Waste In The Agriculture Ministries.

Its only in my country Nigeria that you will find research projects or grants funded equipments abadoned due to some  bureaucracy or the other from the authorities above.

After all it’s government work. What concerns me? Many peoples thinking. Forgetting its their children’s future

I cant imagine how much it would have cost to fund the production of these machineries.

Our culture lacks monitoring and evaluation, job completion assessment etc. 

These equipment would have made a big difference in some peoples life. It would have been some source if job creation to refuce the sky rocketing unemployment rate.

Some where some place, I believe dome farmers are out there saving their last kobo to purchase this same type of machine rotting away.

One will be surprise if you visit all ministry parastatals in Nigeria to see the degree of waste going on. 

Uncountable government vehicles can be seen sprewing all over the compound rottening away.

Nigerian condone so much waste in the name of projects and research that ends up on someone’s table or office front without getting to the right beneficiary.

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