Reason To Eat More Of Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are any vegetable that has leaves you can eat.

 This includes dark greens, like kale and collard, but also encompasses the entire lettuce family and a variety of herbs.

 In addition to cultivated plants, the leafy green category also includes wild edible varieties, like dandelion, purslane, watercress and many others.

Earlier ancestors of the hybridized larger leaved greens we know today, in fact, originated from wild plant species like wild lettuce, Lactuca virosa, and the wild cabbage plant. 

These earlier types were much more bitter and medicinally potent than the cultivated varieties frequently consumed today.

* Health Benefit Of Green Leafy.

 Green leafy vegetables contain high amounts of minerals and are one of the highest plant-based protein sources available. 

Providing all essential amino acids they help to build strength and muscle mass. 

Gorillas, who forage mostly on leafy green vegetables, are one of the strongest and physically powerful animals known in the animal kingdom.

 They are a much cleaner food than animal-based proteins, which are acidic to the body, causing uric acid build-up as well as unhealthy cholesterol levels associated with cardiovascular disease.

Leaf protein concentrates have actually been used by some organizations for combating world hunger and have been shown to be particularly beneficial for anemic individuals or those suffering from malnutrition.

Green  leafy vegetables are a natural plant-based multivitamin packed with vitamins A, C, K and folate, in addition to trace minerals, including good amounts of sulfur, potassium, calcium and iron.

Consuming them in condensed drinks, like green smoothies or green juices, is an energizing way to start your day and can help to eliminate addictions to coffee or other caffeinated substances.

Most greens are more beneficial when eaten in their raw form, but some varieties can also be lightly steamed or marinated and will still retain proteins and various phytonutrient content.

 Prepared as salads, they are one of the best sources of dietary fiber helpful for improved digestion and healthy bowel movements.

Many green leafy vegetables are sources of omega fatty acid and are particularly high in ALA or omega-3’s compared to omega-6 fatty acids. ALA is present in green leafy vegetables because it helps the plant convert sunlight into carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Generally, two heads of lettuce or 125 calories of leafy greens is about 1 gram of ALA, which is often a lot to eat for the average person. 

However, consumed in green juices or used in green smoothies, the amount of omega-3 fatty acids can be increased significantly.

“Green”, especially darker leafed varieties, are known for their exceptionally high amounts of Chlorophyll is the pigment which gives plants their green color and is very close to the same molecular structure as human blood cells and is in fact beneficial for enhancing oxygen transport and increasing red blood cell production.

Eating greens and particularly consuming them in concentrated amounts in green smoothies or green juices helps to nourish and cleanse the blood as well as purify the liver and lymphatic system.

 These green foods and drinks are very useful for removing and neutralizing poisonous substances from the bloodstream, such as heavy metals, radiation, pesticides and other ingested pollutants.

Daily consumption can also, as a side-effect, help to uplift one’s mood, alleviate depression and increase mental focus.

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