The Use Of Tissue Cultured For Plant Multiplication

The Visit To The Tissue Culture production centre of NIHORTS

Variety is the spice of life mostly applied to the horticulture industry. Commercialising new plant varieties is essential.

Tissue culture is turning one plant with the desired characteristics into tens of thousands of identical plants in as fast as few months?

Tissue culture is a process that involves exposing plant tissue to a specific regimen of nutrients, hormones, and light under sterile, in vitro conditions to produce many new plants, each a clone of the original mother plant, over a very short period of time. 

Tissue culture plants are characterised by disease free growth, a more fibrous, healthier root system, a bushier branching habit, and a higher survival rate.

Surviving seedling from tissue culturing.

Tissue culture is the process that enable the multiplication of several millions of seedlings over a short term period. 

This is relatively a new field in the Nigerian system which the new entrant can easily benefitted from

Plants that can be tissue cultured multiplied are pineapple, banana, plantain etc. The seedling are left for some month to acclimatise to the host environment before later transplanting them.

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