Know Your Farmland Dimension!

Differentiating a newbie from a practising  farmer is quite easy in agriculture because of some agricultural terms that are commonly interchanged.

To layman, 6 plots of land make an acre while 15 plots will give you an hectare…….

Off course a practising farmer knows its never like that.

The first question that comes to mind will be:
 ” What’s the exact dimension of a plot?” 

Plot sizes or measurements varies from location to location. Plot measurement in Lagos is quite different from what you will be given in Abeokuta which is just some distance away from Lagos.

In some places a plot is measured as 
100ft by 120ft. 

Some other area choose to calculate theirs as 100ft by 100ft.

I have even heard of places that plot of land is  considered to be 120ft by 60ft.

How then do you relate this to your farm land that is measured in acres and hectares?

Funny enough most people dont even know if this measurements are in foots, inches or meter.

All they know is that an hectare is 15 plots. And an acre is 6 plots.

For standard farm measurements, hectare is mostly used. 

It is the recommended standard all over the world. 

The measurement of an Hectare is :

100 x 100m which equals 10,000 meter squared

Therefore what ever you multiply to arrive at 10,000 meter squared

However, most rural farmers in Nigeria are used to calculating farm size with a measurement called an acre.

An acre is 100 x 40m which equals 4,000 meter squared.

An hectare is therefore 2.5 of an acre

4,000 + 4,000 + 2,000 gives 10,000

Acre + Acre + 0.5Acre = Hectare

That is in every Hectare, there are 2.5 acres of farm land.

From the above we can understand that converting to plots will therefore varies from place to place.

In Town A, an acre could be 6 plots while the same acre will be 8 plots in town B

Knowing the dimension of the farm in lengths and breath will enable a farmer has proper planning in term of the materials and the cost variables.

The quantity of seed and water required to grow the crops can be easily calculated. 

The amount of manure recommended for an acre or hectare etc are factors to be considered when starting the farm business

Knowing the exact farm measurents will guide the intending farmer against scruptulous personnel that might want to charge more than the expected fee per work.

I remembered once expending the requirements of 8 acres for a 2 acre farm because my farm manager said so.

Knowing the tape rule measurements is important but the crucial part is been able determine the physical measurement of the farm by mere sighting.

These and more are what the farmer is expected to learn as the farm progress.

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