The Dilemma Of A Farmer

Daily dilemma…
Seems the hours are always on speed dials from the moment I opened my eyes at 5am and struggling to keep it close by 1 or 2 am.
And I still go to bed leaving plenty undone. 
 For days I have been trying to catch some chicken and egg thief on my farm.
Its annoying to feel intruded. For the years I have been on that farm, my things have always been intact.
Even when we bought a new generator. It stay safe on the farm. Things has always been safe until I start bringing in extra hands from the neighbouring village
 Though we have suspected the labourers are the one but the fear of having no one to do the work stop us from accusing them.
 I didn’t want to point fingers like I do when the former set of laborers stole our fuel. They stopped coming to work when I accused them.
Hmnnnn. The dilemma of a farmer.

You are always at the labourers mercy because you are left with no alternative.
 So you keep pampering them to do your work while they keep stealing you dry.
Crazy system.

So I find myself at the neighbouring village close to my farm where the labourers (mainly from Benin and Togo) do reside. 
I reported to the village head of how eggs and the chickens has been disappearing  with a warning that I am using the African security system.
” We will call a community meeting to announce. 

The village head assured me.
African Security system in most cases are instant punishment and hardly reversible. 
Whoever steal from the farm may have his leg swollen or whatever has been put out there. 
It can not be reversed until he confessed of where he has stolen from. 
Yet at that, the leg might still get amputated depending on how fast he confessed the crime to the owner.
I remember once telling one of my co farmer of my intention since they are picking my things which prompt the confession.
” I have only been taking the pepper we will eat from your farm”
Ohhhj. Shooooooo.
Without my permission…
No problem I said. 

But off course there is problem. Big one at that self.
I wouldn’t have known they have been harvesting my pepper if I had not warned of the intending security
Okay ooooo.
And now I am left with no one to weed my farm because the labourers stop coming to work with the excuse someone has been stealing my chickens and they don’t want to be whatever that I don’t know.
The power of African Magic
The fear is that since they have been picking it, the security will affects them.
So today was about everyone becoming the labourer to clear weed.
And yet the moment I get out of the farm, my phone starts ringing
grin grin grin grin..
*  Hello from here and the other side
“I have just secured 10 hectares of land”

10 hectares?

 Thinking how will he manage it?
I want to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicum etc
How can you help me?
*  Hello …   Another…..

Can you assist with farm labourers?
The ones I have are not doing fine…..
I need someone that is hardworking etc
*  Hello……  Hmnnnn
I need a farm manager. 

I have secured a greenhouse.
Do you have an agronomist?
*  Hello. .. Huuuuuuunnnn

I want to set up a cashew processing factory.

What and what do I need to do that?
Can you partner?
* Hello……

How much will it cost me to set up an acre of tomatoes?

Which market will I sell?

How much will I make
* Hello…

I am thinking of so so and so

Will you come and manage my farm.
I will pay you handsomely.
How I wish I can help everyone. 

Still struggling to help myself

But sincerely its not an easy task to do.
You can still be messed up on the farm with all the available funds.
Keep in mind you have the the following to contend with

A. People

B. Product

C. Process
The most difficult of it all is the people. 

They could make or mar your business.
The Nigerian system actually lack People

Its a very big challenge
You can hardly run a successively business without the right people.
I am always grateful for network not too good on the farm so I have some saving grace till I get back to the village.
So many things to be done at a time.

No wonder the time looks so short

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