How To Make Organic Herbicide

There are a couple of different ways to use it, depending on if you plan to spray in areas that will be replanted, or if you want to use it on areas where you never intend to grow again.

A.    Using it in areas to be replanted.
 If you have weeds in areas you’d like to replant, here’s how to use your weed killer.
 Fill up an ordinary sprayer with white vinegar and then add about a teaspoon of liquid soap.
Once your soap and vinegar is added to the sprayer, put the top on and get ready to spray.
 That’s all you have to do!
It’s best to choose a dry, hot day to spray your weeds if you can – spray until they’re totally saturated and they’ll begin to wilt and shrivel up within just a few hours. 
Be very careful not to spray anything you want to live, but you don’t have to be concerned about killing anything below the soil as it won’t harm it. 
You can also safely replant in the area once all your weeds have died off.
B.   Using it in areas you don’t plan on using to grow again.
 In places where you don’t want any living thing to grow again, such as vegetation in driveways, walkways and other areas, you’ll want to tackle them a little differently. 
To do so, combine a 4 litre of white vinegar and two cups ordinary table salt in a large container.
Once combined, put the lid on tightly and shake until the salt has dissolved. 
Now add a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap, mix it in, and then pour the solution into a sprayer. 

Simply apply it to weeds on a sunny, dry day in areas you don’t want to see that vegetation return in the future.

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