Kiki.. The controversial chicks

Sincerely don’t know where to start writing kiki’s story. But sure have to start somewhere.

Kiki is the name given by a friend to a chicks that grow with my team.

Kiki was brought to our team by a friend for a friend. Its not actually meant for us

Don’t mind me. 

I am still finding a foot hold to start kiki’s story. 

Kiki was dashed to Chuchu, a bird lover when he went to purchase a dog. 

In his word, he had wanted to purchase a bigger chicks but the owner refuse to sell and instead dashed him a small one.

He travelled to our jungle with his bird with the intention of dashing a friend

On arrival, the birds was named Lizzy by a team member. 

But when the intended owner came she changed the name to Kiki which the birds is known by.

The intended owner was suppose to go with kiki but rejected the birds because the bag with which to travel with it was missing.

There is a beautiful bag brought by Chuchu which everyone wanted for keep including the chicken owner.

So the bag got missing on departure day kept by a group member as I later learnt

That’s how kiki remain with the team.

Kiki up till now sleeps in a carton by the corner of the room

Kiki runs away from other birds

Kiki only eat rice and spaghetti with insects and nothing more

Initially we thought kiki is a female and was looking forward to the chicks but currently coming to term with the realisation that kiki might be a cock.

Some said because of the comb and the territorial behaviour which is only exhibited by male

Kiki is territorial sending away pigeons that dare come to our door step in search of food

Kiki always look for who to take him in at night by jumping on peoples shoulder and head once night falls.

Surprising is that he knows the way to enter the house by afternoon but can never finds its way at night unless someone assist

Kiki also called okiki by neighbouring children has been an awesome and amazing bird.

Kiki answer when he hears his name.

The team is looking forward to kiki breeding with other chicks. 

And I am still secretly hoping it will turn out to be a female

We cant wait to have that

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