The Changing Tide Of Market

Few months ago in my area, you dare not go near the 3 tons cassava pickup truck which cost N150,000.
It even went as far as N180,000 in some period.

It has never been that expensive in the history of gari.
Just yesterday here, I learnt the same truck is selling for N30,000.
N30,000 ?

A whole pick up or half of the pick up?

Some one asked
Several reason is attributed to the price fall.
And my team started planning…

What if we buy a truck?
We will get between 10-13 bag of 50kilo of gari

We will get cassava flour flakes

We will get koko gari
And the planning goes on..
And I think of those people out there shouting …

No job, no job

Government this

Government that
Plenty opportunity abound in the village side

Plenty job exist 
Do you know villagers feed well than city people?
Do you know villagers live healthy than city people?
I remember a friend of mine saying villagers eat too much.
You can imagine what that cassava could bring in for someone that has great business acumen.
A man use to come in from sagamu once in a while to pick truck load of gari from our end.
His wife sells it over there.
Opportunity abounds.

Its left for you to source it out

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