Every Crop Can Grow In The South Western Part 

“Every crop can grow in the south west” said oyibo pacesetter as we fondly call him then..
Really? I asked in astonishment.
I understand you have all been programmed to believe some crops can only be grown in the Northern part of the country
The last time I grow Irish potato here and will be expanding to some other things…

He continued
Have you tried planting any fruits and vegetablea here that did not grow?
To which my answer is no..

To say I am surprise is an understatement.
And on the oyibo,s farm are tomatoes as big as I have never seen before.
And by  that time he was supplying shoprite at N500 per kg of tomato.
An acre of tomato can give you 30 tonnes.

That’s to be on the safe side..

Oyibo further explained
I was standing there speechless
Do you know the highest yielding crop is pawpaw?

He asked…
No. I replied.
“The truth is what actually did I know then other than I want to plant cassava and make millions in 10 months”
In my dream world.
A pawpaw can give you 300 tones per acre.

Ennnn heheee.
I murmured.
The land here is good, rich and can grow so many crops. I wonder why the farmers are not growing marketable crops…
Oyibo said.
Which ones are the marketable crops..

Fruits and vegetables of course.
He was the first person to give me an onion seed.
Yes. Onion has seed.

The seed he gave me I actually mess up because I gave it to a farmer to plant for me.
Off course I never know anything about soil management and preparation then.
Some of the seed germinate and only few survive to maturity.
I remembered I harvested less than 10 onion bulb back then.
So this year some set of participant nurse few onion seed. 
We transplanted it and watch it grow.
Though the picture you see here was mistakenly uprooted while weeding.
Its obvious Onion and some other vegetable grow in the southwest.
Infact it grows in every region of Nigeria
What we need to do is prepared and manured the soil.
Ensure it has adequate water.
Another sole advantage is onion is a good companion crop for almost all crop.
It repel insects.

So my team has decided to be growing onion as companion crops for all our crops.

EditLucky us might still have some to go to the market while helping us to repel insect

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