Multiplication Effects Calculation In Farming

Never in my few years in agriculture have I seen so many trainings, seminars, workshop like this year.
They come in different forms, shapes, price, designed adverts video etc.
Its nice that peoples interest in agriculture has greatly increase over the years. 
The dismay part of it is how most are getting scammed by believing agriculture is a get rich quick investment.
For how can you justify someone learning a practical course through a projector, in hotel rooms, conference halls, online etc?
Just saying.

I could definitely be wrong
And then people run to farm with such mind set.

What exactly are you expecting to harvest?
Yoruba said ” Eni ma da so fun ni, ti orun e lawo”

Literally could be interpreted as leading by example.
I marvelled when people get farm training certificate from a trainer that has no farm.
The best set of farmer to learn from are the rural farmers. I have been privileged to learn and still learning from them.
Yes. They are not literate

But they are born into the system.

They live and breathe the farm.

I have had encounter with so many people that started their farm based on this baseless assumption from the projector trainers.
The term is called packaging. 

The poster design justify the cost

The word are read out in millions

Pictured are from foreign farms

Big grammars and calculations

And you got hooked
Let me give you this 

Plot A and B subjected to the same treatments and condition will never give you the same yield for any crop.

The soil structure differs

The pest in the soil differs

The sunlight absorption differs

The temperature differs

The diseases infection will differ

The water retention level differs etc
How then do you get that an acre will give you 10 tons of a specific crop when plots yield will surely differ base on so many things?
Off course its an assumption model
Check this again……
You were told an hectare of cassava will give you 50 tons.
The researchers never in most cases work on an hectare. 

 They only work on some portion of land and get the result through what i termed multiplication effect.

An hectare is 10,000m2.

The researcher worked on possibly 1,000m2
He gave that 1,000m2 all the necessary requirements for good agricultural practises which includes but not limited to
* Good planting method

* Replacement of non germinating stems

* Adequate manure.

* Irrigation 

* Good pest and diseases management etc
So he got 5 tons per 1000m2 of demonstration plot which possibly has 5 or more people managing it.
Then he reports as …
If.        1,000m2. gives 5 tons of cassava

Then.  10,000m2 is 1,000m2 multiply by 10

  :-        10,000m2 will give 5 tons x 10 = 50 tons
And you skipping all the necessary management details ran to farm with the projector calculation and a farm manager for 10 hectare expecting 50 tons x 10 hectares.
You are on your own
” Oyo lowa”

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