Those You Should Dare Not Employ

The urge, the interest, the zeal to set up one type of farm or the other business is an increasing phenomenon among the elites.
 Who do i termed elite?
 People that are currently working but looking for an avenue to invest so as to prepare for the rainy day.
The belief is that they can fall back on this businesses or farm when they retire which is a very good plan.
But the numerous challenge they are facing is 
“Managing the business”.
Management as we all know is the day to day running of the farming empire. 
I have seen so many struggle with taking their business from one level to another. 
They keep spending and spending the meagre resources they have yet the business remain stagnant.
A retired soldier who has passion for greenhouse farming has invested massively in the project yet nothing is forthcoming.
Someone I know has sink so much money into setting up a farm but always get messed up with the lack of good hands
Your business need 3 major thing to succeed profitably
* people

* product

* Process
When we talk of people we are not saying just ordinary people, but good, intelligent, passionate, dedicated, hardworking, trustworthy, reliable people.
Qualification is a non issue. 

Skills can be taught.

Character are difficult to influence
The above mentioned characteristic are greatly missing millions of people you get to meet in Nigeria.
You will be lucky, I repeat very very lucky to meet someone that combine 2 or 3 of such attributes.
A friend use to say

” Don’t dare hire someone you can not fire”
And I have really put that to mind. It really work for me.
Who are those you can not fire?
* Your family and relations

* Your friends. Be it old colleagues or newly acquired friend

* Your best friend brothers, sisters, wife etc.
My relationship with a childhood friend was severed because I refuse to bring his younger brother into my business.
I told him bluntly No. 

And I have never regret that.
One of my aunt proposed his son come to assist with my work.
I turned it down

Business is not done with sentiments.

Learn to say No.
Sometimes you might be lucky working with the above mentioned set of people. 

But in most cases the result are always disastrous.
And you find yourself at a cross road where you know this person has overstayed his or her welcome yet you dare not relief them.
The bad ones then twist you and your business because they know they hold your neck jugular. You end up spending and investing with no result to show for it.
Deep down you know what to do. But the thought is….
What will people say?

How do you go about it?

You don’t want to he a bad person
Yet your business is dying.
I will suggest you dare not try it in the first place.

 Find a way to help them out. 
It could be financial support to start some business or seek for some other employment somewhere else. 
But if you find yourself in such situation, and you want to revive your business, there is still hope.
Find some substantial money. 

Settle them off.

Discuss with them to go and start something of their own.
Help them to stand on their feet while you find a way to revive your business with the right people
You will be saving yourself some tones of headaches.

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