Reasons I Grow Organic

Why should I grow organic when there is no premium price for it? 
The above question was asked during one of our discussion class on farm…
In agreement with him I said yes. 

You are right. 

Nigeria don’t value organic yet
Organic farming in Nigeria does not attract any premium price yet
So why are you doing organic?

And my response was as follows…
Ever since I had wanted to grow fruits and vegetables, my target has been export. 

I wanted to earn in dollars.
Going through the internet I discovered fruits and vegetables command high dollar currency. So I started researching anything that needs to do with fruits and vegetables export.
Along the line I met a group called AFGEAN Agricultural Fresh Growers Exporters Association of Nigeria who in turn link me with COLEACP.
AFGEAN as the name implies handle anything that relates to fruits and vegetable export
COLEACP is an European company that concerns itself with how developing countries can meet up requirements to export their food.
Through this organisations I got to understand the rules and regulations of exporting. Some of us got trained with COLEACP.
COLEACP assist producers in getting prepared to get certified for the exports market


One of the main requirements is ” Pesticide Residue Level”
I will assume we all know what a pesticide is.
They are what we use to control pests of crops. There are recommended pesticides for every crop.
Whenever we apply pesticide to kill pests, it will take some time for the effect to wash away from that crop.
I believe we all know that most pesticides are poisonous and cause massive damage to our health
The reason we are warned to always use personal protective equipments before spraying pesticides.
There is a minimum pesticide residue level that a product must not exceed if its for exports.
I jokingly tell people that Nigerians eat poison and whites don’t want us to poison them.
Exports products are tested randomly for the qualities before been allowed into the importing country.
Any anomaly discovered leads to rejection of the produce with warnings and later be followed by products ban.
The main reason Nigeria could not meet up with any exports.
Using organic is the natural way that one can keep away pests from the farm crops.
To save myself such pesticide residue headaches, I therefore opt for growing organic.
The advantages been 
* I am protecting myself, my crew, my customers from eating poison.
* I am getting our team export ready
* We are saving ourselves the headache of product rejection or ban
I always tell the participants its not compulsory one do organic but it’s actually healthy and its also to get oneself prepared for a bigger and better market.
We have been gradually building our chilli export team.
Definitely will be an organic production members only.
The only way we can be sure of none products rejection.

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