Vinegar: Organic Herbicide Rescue

Let’s talk about vinegar. The organic herbicide solution
Since labourers has been messing us up on the farm with weeding. My team has been debating on so many ways to tackle the weeds.
I can’t remember when last I cleared weed since I left secondary school. But the past few weeks has made me a specialised manual weed cutter.
That’s what lack of labourers has turned everyone on our team to. 
Why don’t you buy weed cutter? You might be asking….
Yes. We thought of that. 

We rationalise it and something came up.
Because we use to do a lot of transplanting. This is expected if you are into vegetables. 

So we ordered for transplanter. 

My thinking is that it will ease our work. We won’t have to bend down as with the manual.
Lo and behold we got it to farm but couldn’t use it.
The planter is in good order but the following ensue..
* The planter is heavy not fast to lift

* Our soil is hard compared to the one with which the producers use to fabricate it.

* It slows down our work
In short, we abandoned the transplanter. We all preferred the manual which seems faster to us except from the back bending..
I now understand those people fabricate things to suit their purpose not ours. Especially things that possibly come in from China.
So instead of ordering for brush cutter, cultivator we started looking inward to organic herbicide.
Then we stumbled on vinegar..

White Vinegar + Liquid soap + Salt
The above could be the saving grace to organic farmers.
Sourcing for white vinegar is now some issue. But trust my team. 

We have some one ordered for us from outside.

Sure will take some time
Do we have to be ordering for white vinegar all the time? A team member voiced out.
Let’s see if we can produce the vinegar.
You are right ooo. I said.

We will look into that.
Hard to believe vinegar production is from alcohol. Checking the simplest form lead me to using sorghum…
And to think my grandmum used to produce burukutu, an alcoholic drink back then.

Though I never pay much attention then. 
But the little I know will save the day for our vinegar production.
And that’s how we will be putting an end to vinegar importation to make our organic herbicide.
Vinegar is made of acetic acid.

There are several types of vinegar
The fruit cider vinegar

The white vinegar

The extracted vinegar.
Fruit cider vinegar and white vinegar has 5% acetic acid. Its the organic one.
The extracted vinegar is by product of crude oil.

 It has 20% acetic acid.

Its not organic and not recommended for horticultural use.
Catch you in another class

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