The Diversity In Agriculture

There is no way you can be a passionate farmer as I am and not be an oloju ko ku ro (greedy). 

“Eyes no dey commot”
Greediness is the act of coveting everything within your vicinity.
Its like kami kami kami that the ripe mango sings

Pluck me, pluck me, pluck me
Same me that is still battling with all year round fruits and vegetable production, working on having healthy organic delivered to households every week has just been baptised into poultry rearing. 
Though not the conventional one. 

I no fit do the broiler pampering wahala.

I never even pamper myself

Our team target is to cross breed type of birds for their various good qualities till we can get some strong breeds that will withstand our environment without all the special care that broilers and all sort do require.
Don’t forget the birds will also be supplying us some cool organic manure that has been a lot of war sourcing for it especially during the dry season.
Do you know people travel down here from the far North to buy poultry poop for growing of crops?
Do you know poultry poop can be composted into organic fertilizer that will fetch tangible money because its sell even more than NPK?
Behind the scene we have some rabbits we reared that has become domesticated over time.
 They move around in the house and never think of running away.
You dare not leave your room door open if you don’t want visitor
They have a way of eating up peoples foodstuff, shoes even chargers whenever they are not quickly fed.
How many of us actually know that rabbits urine provide the best form of NPK that can be applied directly to your plants without burning the plant?
In the midst of battling this….

I have been secretly nursing the idea of a setting up a beehive.
Bees are always our friend in the vicinity. The first thing we tell participants is ” No perfumed or smell on the farm”
Even at that some people still get the bites.
Not to worry its good to have some bee bites. Its highly medicinal. Its too much of it that we don’t want.
People actually pay for bee stings.
We even tried constructing beehive at some other point. 
Bees are great pollinators. 

They contribute a lot to the farmers yield.
Farmers that are using synthetic pesticides, herbicides and the likes reduce their yield by killing the bees.
We will also be having access to some original honey which is highly medicinal.
Several more of what I want the team to divert into. The ideas are always flowing.

Yet they all compliment what we do
Now tell me why I should not be called the greedy fellow. 
Agriculture is wide but an interesting field.

It take perseverance to succeed

It takes time

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