Extract From My Inbox

“I am not looking to make a quick buck or become a millionaire in 10 days, my motivation is to contribute positively into making Nigeria self reliant at least from a feeding perspective, if I make a buck or two in the process that’s ok.”
The above statement actually got to me.
Hard to meet a Nigerian business man that thinks like that.
The first and foremost objective is :

“How much is the returns”? 
Stopping at that would have been nice. If only they will not put 
“In 6 months
Or In 3 months” 
And in the bid to extract the fund, one is forced to lie and say…
” You will make 10,000,000 in 6 months”.
Hmnnnnn ….sigh
I have learnt to tell the truth.

Agribusiness has potentials.

One can make the millions

But its only by learning the rope.
Its never a get rich quick scheme

Its gradual process

And surely the millions, billions and trillions will come.

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