Before I Started Farming

Still in search of husband…
I found myself on a dating line…

I need to get hubby by force now.

I must be a Mrs

I must shaaa change my name 

Even it means to an idiots own
Paid for site and start scrutinising.
Now before dating site.
I remembered once thinking I am abnormal. Truly like someone else feel
“How can everyone else not be good for you”
There must be sure something wrong with you

You need to learn some respect..

Don’t prove you know so much..
“This keep me wondering why parents are sending female  children to school.
Then for them to come back and  pretend they are dummy so they could be kept in someone’s house.
I think the female child should just be send to catering schools….

House keeping colleges….

Submissive and praying training….
To be fully prepared for the task ahead
I remembered someone I dated saying I have to maintain  36, whatever, 36 figure
Can’t remember the middle no again
So I went to the hospital.
Ask the doctor what and what diet do I need to maintain that figure???

I don’t suffer.
That became my routine.

But to the glory of God ..
I keep adding weight. Beyond what I can control.
Then when I caught him with a girlfriend, one of  the excuses was that I got fat.
I cried and cried. 

He kept the girlfriend while still run around to come down…
I can’t stop smiling as I am writing this..
One I met said I need to keep my breast firm and there will be need to go for transplant if it sag in the course of giving birth..
Those are the kind of brain daft men that women try to please.
Or possibly I am just so unlucky always meeting such..
Sure there is some glorified Mrs he is kicking all around
And to think this is someone that I feed. Even as a newbie in school. 

He is so dependent on me to maintain his stupid lifestyle.
Wetin pikin eye never see.
So back on the dating site I have to do some screening.
I prefer Nigerians cause I think that is home grown.
I narrowed my search and meet some

There was actually one I met who reside outside and keep telling me December and December years after years.
He introduced his cousin to me, I know his sister.
Then I have to be borrowing him money to maintain some things back at home.
Even buying phone for home to pay back which he never did.
I later got to know he is on to women, milking them dry..
And because I saw nice pics.
That took me back to DPA page. So many women fell for fraudsters because of desperation.
These scammers now target single girls and single mothers.
The “abrodians” as I call them can make calls

They can chat you for million hours but they could never pee a dime down. 
Don’t mind me I tried to translate …

“Won le to ito idi won sile”
Off course calls is cheap over there. 

And idiots like me will be spending the token I am suppose to use for gari to call them back.
Don’t forget WhatsApp was never in existence.
I left Abuja to Abeokuta to come and help the guy start a technical college..
He brought plenty junks of computers  from outside the country which I tries to see how we can salvage it.
To me I was working for my future hubby whereas to him I was his sales girl.
That’s what he told his friend. 

When I start digging
Can’t imagine people been that callous.
It was at the airport he will call me to say he is travelling.
I was staying in Abeokuta struggling to set up the school for him while its through the cousin that I get to know some of his movements.
Possibly came around once or twice while I was doing all this in Abeokuta.
When he managed to send some money. I paint the house.
To save cost I fixed the plastic tiles by myself which I still got rebuked for.
Oshi oooda 
I registered the school in his name for him with my money.
Though I took the certificate along while I was leaving. It was intentional.
Off course the junks of systems were always giving me issue to manage. 
I was at Ogun’s state radio to pput it on air. I was setting up an IJMB A level centre for him.

None of such was in Abeokuta then.
I started having student.
I made arrangement with a school in Ilorin so they could do their external exam there.
But he got angry with me because at the same time I started the Cooperative.
He said people told him there use to be big cars parked around for the cooperative meeting.
I was using his premises.
I told the cooperative members the owner want to use the place. We couldn’t afford another place then.
These are the kind of Nigerian men that we deal with..

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