The Marriage Ordeal

I remember reading about the pastor that says if a female is not married by 35, its a disgrace or whatever he uses.
I choose not to dwell on that for he knows not what he is saying.
Like a friend wrote … The church is not the place to be spitting that rubbish.
What happen to the church been a succour?

Where sinners run into?
And to think of it….
” Did Jesus  marry?
And is it possible that people will go to hell fire or heaven based on been married or not?
Could it be that marriage is a criteria to enter heaven?
Just thinking aloud as I use to do
Yesterday I reacted to a post on my timeline that society pushed people to stay in abusive marriage.
Same society will start screaming when you get killed. 

“Why didn’t she leave?

“Is it by force to marry?
Someone I adored recently scold me and I can see the contempt in his face like 
” Does that mean you are too good for every man”?
Off course woman are expected to be the foot stool of the male angels
Off course the same society expects you to pretend you are such an idiots to be able to hook some idiots cause you are termed a nobody when you are not a Mrs
The same society expectation pushed you to start managing dull brains that does not know their right from left but elevated because of that thing under.
For years every one has been on my neck to pack into some morons house just to pleased their ego irrespective of whether I am happy or not.
Sure none of them know the extent that the expectations to fulfil their needs have pushed one to.
A sister once advice I attend an high class society party so I could hook some drinkers I guess…  
Sure she is concern about my well being or my needs to fulfil the society’s expectation.
I remember a friend was awed when I told him story of how I was bathed naked by the river side by an Alfa in broads daylight in my desperation to hook an husband by crook or by force.
A cock was killed and the blood was split over by head and my naked body. 
Given a calabash to start washing it.

The river was in Abeokuta.
How then it never occur to me that some one could pic my picture is called desperation.
So many women are doing despicable things
Off course I deceived myself by closing my eyes all through the ordeal pretending I was not there…
Or was it the time I travelled from Lagos down to Ilorin in a bid to meet the person that will clear the “oko orun” “heaven husband” who lodged me in an hotel with the sole purpose of using me for ritual.
Off course my family friends did the introduction. They encourage me to participate He is a very spiritual man
I was give an egg to rob over my head while been naked.
He off course want to stay but I insisted I can’t be naked in his presence.
I have not mentioned the ori oke aduras, the prayer mountains where you are extorted till you have to beg for transport money to go home.
You have idle suppose pastors hanging around the mountains that begins to see terrible vision that requires more rituals to be made with oils and anointing
Don’t forget money is always involved.
The greedy fellows.
My aunt husband once collected some money to perform his own kind of ostracising.
And the Celestial pastor that thinks I need to go and prostitute to be able to pay the charges since getting married will bring me husband and finance.
Took me years to finally say enough is enough.

I have to be me first
 The society are never there when you go through all this jargons
Marriage is so over hyped that most of the morons maltreat woman because of the mentality that they can not do without them.
If I am permitted to ask.
Is it by force to be in a union?

Must one lose herself in the bid to please the society.
You don’t get married, you are in trouble

You married you don’t have a kid, shit will happen

You have just a kid, you are still in peppersoup
For as long as I don’t come and wine or cry at your doorstep, please let me have my peace.
Time the society understand that every one can not all be married 
Its time we all understand that marriage does not define us.
Its time we all understand that if marriage comes fine but if not great.
Don’t dare come here with any God or preaching stuff.
Please waka pass
I don’t subscribe to that.

This is not asking for pity party.
Say your prayers withing and move

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