Starting Our Plantain Farm

So this morning on farm is about setting up plantain sucker .
I have always tries to improve on whatever I know on fruits and vegetables.
Its a field I love so much and I keep training myself to be an expert at what I love.
The participants are always fond of counting how many crops they have grown in the process of the training.
I remember some particular batch counting 20 crops. 
How possible I said?
So they start mentioning them.
So every day we keep improving on what we have on ground. We keep building and increasing our fruits and vegetables collection.
So this morning is all about plantain.

And some bananas.
These are not some common crops in our vicinity. 

Though it exists but it seems farmers dont have interest in propagating it on commercial purpose.
Plantain is always an expensive commodity around here.
I remembered seeing a trailer moving in plantain from Ibadan down to Saki.
Bringing plantain to the village from the city!!!
Though we start small. 

Planning to propagate every year

And our organic fruits and vegetable basket can be garnish with plantain and banana

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