​Protecting Your Farm From Herdsmen

Hardly would you come across any crop farmer that dies not have issue with Herdsmen and their cows.
Several cases of farmers clashing with herdsmen has been reported. 
Its been a great challenge.

Ever since I have been trying to find some solution to our farm
I remember posting when I was looking for plants that irritates livestock. 
Yes it took me several months but I sure get what I want.
There are some plants that livestock’s don’t eat.

But there are some plants that livestock’s dare not go close to them.
Some of the plants that livestock dare not get close to I will list below 
1.  Jathropha
Jathropa is good as fencing around the farm.

Cattle’s don’t eat jathropha because they know its toxic 
2. Senna Alata. 

Called Asunwon in Yoruba language.

Cattle don’t eat the leaves too. 

The stems interwoven like scrubs when planted close to each other
3. Castor plant

The most deadly of all.

Cattle will not even smell the the leaves talkless of tasting it
4. The fourth I don’t know its name.

The plant is mostly use for designs and all.

It has an interwoven stems that livestock can not pass through.
As for me and my team, we have started adopting this as boundary crops.
With this we will be able to save our crops from the menace of herdsmen. 
Also some of thus crops can withstand drought.

Plan to establish it during dry rainy season

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