The Organic Craze

I was telling some people few days ago that I don’t believe any Agricultural product called organic in Nigeria..

The craze is now organic.
Organic rice

Organic vegetable

Organic whatever..

Even the people that does not know what it entails do claim to sell organic.
Nigerians are always like that.
I remember the year of moringa..

Every one want to plant moringa
Later came jathropha .
So many have come and gone after that.
The rave now is organic.

Even our bags and shoes will soon be organic
I have discussed it severally why I choose to go natural.
 Its for my safety. 

For my team and workers safety.

For my customers safety.
Do you know some farmers don’t eat what they produce because of the products use in the production?
Sure some of you are surprised.
Off course they know its poisonous and causes so many diseases to the consumers. 
But money must be made.
I have always been conscious of the health.

I keep wondering why so many people are getting sick on daily basis.
Tracing it down, I get to understand that what we eat do really matter.
So many of the crop protection products are poison. 
Have you ever read the bottle content of the synthetic chemicals you are using?
Please take some time to do so
The whites introduce this thing to us with the point that it will help us increase our yield from the farm and reduce farm work.
After some years they relate the consumption of this synthetic made food with the spate of increase in terminal diseases. 
Cancer of every type, blood sugar, infertility, and so many others that have no cure.
Tracing the step back become so difficult. 

Because people have been used to the sharp sharp result and instead keep producing more deadly chemicals to combats the initially made ones.
Africans only here go, we don’t have brake or reverse gear.
So while they keep shouting this chemicals are killing, we choose to ignore and keep using it.
Out there they have good laws that mandate every food to get certified and be labelled as either organic, synthetic or GMO.
Do we have that here?

We all know the answer
I know so many farmers that are heavily on synthetics but will still claim organic to sell.  
To be an organic farmers producing real organic food, your dependence on outside production material must be minimal if not eradicated.
Virtually everything you need is on the farm with you.
Its in most case an integrated system
So many people have approached me to assist in marketing their products. 
I simply  declined because I can’t testify to the contents and source of the products.
Nigeria food exports are consistently banned abroad due to exceeding minimum residue level for some synthetic chemicals.
Our beans have indefinite ban.

We export virtually nothing

Despite claiming the giant of Africa
I told people we do feed on chemicals and the outside world did not want us to poison them hence the need for strict scrutinisation of anything coming from our end
Just yesterday one of the people one would naturally look up to in agriculture snipped a picture from my page to market king humus claiming king humus is organic.
I have never had any course to say anyone’s product is not genuine. 
But the fact that you are marketing with my farm picture whereas I have never use the products king humus to grow the crop completely does not speak well of your products.
But to him, he think its all about referencing me. But No, to me its all about your integrity. 
Hardly can that type of person market any other thing for me to buy even if that one ends up to be genuinely organic
That single acts further confirmed my fear of majority of the acclaimed agric experts are  just out to make money claiming organic because its in vogue.
So many times i have had to tackle people like that when I see pictures from my farm.
My point exactly. 

In our craze for money we should all be conscious of others. 
Organic is not about making sharp sharp money. 

Organic is the genuine passion and concern for peoples health.
I have been doing so many experiments and research into organic products on my farm.
We have not been making any money from those experiments. 
Its been passion driven

But I believe soon and very soon they will start bringing forth something nice
So for my fellow farmers, integrity is important.

Its not compulsory you do organic.
Thank God there is no premium price for organic yet in Nigeria yet.
 So there is no need to rush. Take your time learning the basics.
It will sure pays at the end
Adesola Yinka 

An Organic farmers writes 


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