Still On Monsanto GMO

These few days I have been hammering on Monsanto GMO and obviously some people will soon start wondering what is her obsession with this?
Left to me, 
I live in the farm.

 I grow almost everything I eat. 
Those I don’t grow I know the source where they come from.. 
As in I know who and how its grown.

A friend was surprised when I told him all that we have grown on the farm this year..

Soya beans


Sweet potato





That’s apart from the other vegetables. 
So I can well say I am covered when it comes to eating healthy.
Having read all what GMO products can cause, we might say we have spent some of our own growing years and we have some certain immune system.
Even at that, there is no way that we will not be affected health wise
Since we have no regulations and laws to protect anyone against that.
Soon every seed will be Monsanto seed because the yield is enormous. 
Every water will be contaminated with the toxic herbicide and pesticide within.
Every farmer will be dependent on buying Monsanto seeds
And then..

The increase in health problems in triple fold.
Trust us, we are still battling to survive with the little sickness with poor services, what then happened when we have such on a large scale.
Remember our president could afford to stay in London’s hospital for 3 months. 
How many people can afford a private hospital in Nigeria for a week?
Sometimes it seems we over hyped things. 

We are in a system where everyone only think of money. 
Do you want us to believe that no media house or personnel in Nigeria know of Monsanto and its side effects?
Off course they do. 

Who will pay them to warn people against eating poison?
That’s none of their business
Even the so called organic association have been keeping mum. 

No one is interested if you are alive or not.
Learn to watch out for yourself

Eat healthy

Health is wealth

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