Practical Agribusiness Training

For those participating with us in the upcoming practical training, Monday, September 11th is the resumption day. 
The duration is 3 months which enable us watch and harvest some crops for practical experience
Introduction to the farm, its environment start by Tuesday, September 12th. 
The training entails us learning minimum of 20 fruits and vegetables starting from bed preparation to harvesting.

Be prepared for serious practical work on the farm.

Each participants will be handling their own crops which include but not limited to 

* Field measurement and layout

* Soil preparation and management

* Compost application 

* Drip irrigation layout and plumping work

* Nursery beds preparation

* Weed control and management

* Transplanting process 

* Water management and application

* Pest and diseases control
Classes resume by 7.30am Monday – Saturday

90% participation is required.
Some extra curricular activities are sometimes included

A. Soap making

B. Coconut oil production

C. Shea butter production

Note: The medical facility here are not up to standard. Please ensure you are fit and prepare yourself with any extra protection that works for you.
For those just reading this, few slots are still available.
Contact 08064688501

Check for more details

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