Marketing Your Broccoli

This is broccoli 

It belongs to the food class cruciferous.

Its essentially recommended for those that are watching their weight.

Its one of the most healthiest vegetables

Its not some crop you can just come across in the market stall.

Last year my team grow some loads of it.

At harvest we discovered our location disconnected us from the market.
Hence brocolli was used to feed the rabbits 

It was some huge loss considering that we grow a full green house of 20m by 8m
Though several people want to buy then. But the quantity required does not justify us travelling the whole length to Lagos or Ibadan.
Ever since we keep planning and working on the best way that our product can easily get to the market.
So we came up with the fruit and vegetable basket. 
With fruit and vegetable basket we can afford to fill it with exotic and assorted fruits and vegetables delivered to subscribers on our list.
We are putting a lot in place that whenever we start the supply, there will be no going back nor disappointment.
Every week, our subscribers get to have minimum of 10 organic fruits and vegetables delivered to them
The basket to contain fruits and vegetable such as 









So right here is some broccoli coming up again. Remembered I showed some snipped of our onions last week. 
Some other vegetables are also on the field.
You cant afford to give up. If plan A did not work, the alphabet has 26 alphabets. Try others.

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