Those 2 Headed Fellow

From various encounters, I came to understand so many Nigerians need pushing.
Yes, not the pushing forward to fall down but the wakening of the brain to be able to think in the right direction.
I have come across several people that it takes you explaining bit by bit and holding them by hand before they can take some action.
Even at that. One still need to be lecturing all the way.
I think our educational system of do as I do,

Write as I write has really affected our ability to take initiatives.
Right from elementary class. We are thought to say after me..

Repeat after me..

We copy word for word for the teacher.

No creativity imbibed
Imagine the university system where the lecturing keep hammering …

” Give me what I give you back”

That is any slight change in that essay get you a lower mark.
You dared not say you did some extra research 
” So you are telling me I don’t know what I taught you?
” Is it that you know more than me?
The system has conditioned the brain to be dormant.
It has to be given instruction before it could act.
Its baffled me that I could see so many opportunity in every thing around and people are not seeing it.
Every of your environment is full of opportunity.
You can create something out of nothing
Its so unfortunate that we end up using only 10% of out brain effectively.
One statement that keep me motivated is always..
” Did those people that are successful has 10 heads”?
” Is their brain bigger than you and I”?
Off course not.
To be anything in life you have to leave the comfort zone.

Its just for sometime.

 Think from within you. 
There is some greatness waiting to be tapped. There is some hidden talents that need to be awoken.
I always tell the participants, we cant all be farmers. 
While you are around, take advantage of the environment. So many business opportunity here.
You can buy and sell

You can link someone to market

You can partner with someone

You can do a whole lot that might not be related to farming.
But in all you do, strive to be better than yesterday.
And in your quest, don’t forget to build integrity.
Things are going to be rough.

At some point you feel like quitting

At some point you feel like running away
But the goal post should keep propelling you

The gold is only for those that strive to be there

Catch you around

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