How To Cope With Having Weak Brain

Having a weak brain is not a problem; not realizing that you have a weak brain is a problem.
 If you don’t trust in your abilities……


if looking at mirror makes your face ugly and dress unsuitable….
 if your friend’s promotion or top position makes you hate him/her…
 if you don’t help your subordinates and colleagues in moving forward instead you are an obstacle for them….
if you blame everyone but yourself for anything bad that happens to you….
if you don’t believe in trying again and 
if you don’t believe in giving your honest time to the milestones you want to achieve….
You are mentally weak. 
But it’s not an issue as long as you want to work on it.

1) Invite that friend for a dinner or lunch who got highest marks from you or is recently promoted.
2) From now on, looking at the mirror should remind you that you are awesome.
3) If you fail at something, analyse the whole situation, recognize your mistakes and correct yourself instead of feeling bad and guilty all the time.
4) Start working again instead of going into depression; fill all the gaps you left last time.
5) Don’t blame others for your mistakes and failures; work on yourself and your personal growth.
These are not impossible; believe me you can train your brain the way you want to.
 It all depends on you and your will. 
If you think you have all these habits then congratulations you just took the first step.
 You admit it.
Now the second step is to work on your weakness and be an incredibly strong person.

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