On Student Acing WAEC result

I lost hope in our educational system several years back. 
Since when parents have been giving their wards money to settle the invigilators.. 
Ever since I have been a supervisor at one of the special centre.. 
Every centre has got it’s own price
Writing WAEC exam in my days is a serious business.  
You read and read as if you are going to die.  

You develop some formulars so just you don’t forget some alphabets. 
I am proud to have been a student then. 
Unlike now,  an all A student could barely scribble down his name. 
Same continue to the University and polytechnic.  Results are cooked all the way. 
Thank God for the greedy lecturers that compete to live above their means. 
The saying is “Eni to mo way lo mowe” 

Meaning “He who know means is the brilliant ones”
And to think what they are teaching is obsolete.  1973 lecture notes are still relevant in Nigeria higher institution in 2017.
You now wonder why we have so many unproductive graduate that could put 1 plus 2 to get reasonable things out of the system. 
And we keep complaining of unrest. 
I saw some states jubilating for student making good grades in WAEC.  
Post UME we thought could help has also been corruptionise. System of settling for score are all in place. 
Corruption every where. 
Congratulations to the highest scorers.
How much do you pay? 
To the schools… 
What are your prices?

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