Let’s Spice It Up With Garlic

Garlic is a great storage crop for the farmer. 
Locally grown, high quality garlic bring a generous price per kg. 
Growing great garlic is not easy. 

Growing more than a thousand garlic plant is no small task. 
Cloves are separated from the bulbs keeping only the firmest. 
Beds are prepared by adding compost and working the soil at about 2″ deep so that it’s easy and loose. 
Cloves are soaked in water for few days to germinated before planting into the field
Garlic does not grow well with weed nearby and keeping the crop weed free is is one way to ensure large bulbs. 
Knowing when to harvest is tricky.  If harvested too early,  there will be fewer layers of bulb wrapper. 
If harvested too late the bulb will often split open.
So we started the garlic nursery set up today. 

We are looking towards the germination in the next few days.

After which we will be transplanting to the main field. 
Days in the field is 75-90 days
Under good home storage conditions, a solid well cured garlic bulb will keep 6-8months or longer.

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