The Making Of Organic Herbicide

Saying my team members have been wonderful would have been the greatest understatement of the year. 
I sincerely don’t know how to quantify them. 
In my pursue of becoming an organic farmer,  I came to realise it entails a lot.  It’s not a job meant for one person. 
It’s a very large entity. 
Imagine you have to know the source of everything you make use of on the field. 
Knowing the source alone will not be enough but you also have to know the composition of what you are inputing into the soil. 

What a very tasking work… 
So I realise I need to co opt people that believe in the same thing as I do. 
And where else can I get my kind of people if not from the ones that left the comfort of the city to our village in search of more knowledge like I do
Starting with about 8 people the journey begins. But sincerely like Mark Zuckerberg starting facebook with friends,  not everyone called will eventually get to the promised land. 
Currently having few dedicated team members left,  they all agree with me we are nearer than from when we started. 
One tree does not make a forest.  They have been my support and motivation.  
Its faster when you move with people.  The task look easy and the team can achieve so much together. 
So this morning we were so excited to discovered our work on organic herbicide is yielding result. 
This can only be attributed to team work. 

 A suggest this. 

 B suggest that

C chipped in her own
And gbam,  we jammed the solution. 
I am going to be penalized for this but I can’t sure keep the excitement. 
We have been having challenges with weeds. 

The guy working for us has not been forthcoming. 

We learnt white vinegar can do the work. 

Getting white vinegar has been issue because one need to import
So we start all our various research and experiments.
The picture below is the effect of the herbicide we sprayed on Saturday.  Despite that there was a heavy rainfall afterwards. 
We met the sprayed parts like this when we get to farm this morning
What we need to is perfecting our dosages and still experimenting more.
Don’t even bother asking me for the secrets. 
Rather just start saving your money for when we will start selling. 
You can ask those that have used our pestomax for pest control.
I am so excited. 

Dedicating all this to God and my dedicated team members. 
You guys are wonderful

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