As The Dry Season Approaches

I dont know about your geographical location so i wouldn’t know of the rain pattern that exists over there.
But farmers in my area already know that rain usually stops by middle or early October.
That brings the memory of my first dry season farming when i calculated how to make millions from cucumber…
Without knowing the rainy pattern, i planted by September and looking forward to harvesting by November…
I have been informed that cucumber use to be scarce and expensive at such time.
Foolish enough i never planned or factor into consideration any means of irrigation cause i was banking on rainfall.
I was blessed with rain in the month of September. My cucumber grow so well and fast.
First week of October came with his rain.
So i started telling who care to listen that you see i told you rain will fall till November.
Some farmers have earlier told me that rain will soon stop. 

No one dare plant anything in September because they know it wouldn’t get to  maturity before the rain stop.
And by second week of October, we have the last rain for that year.

Funny enough i dont know because i was still banking on my good luck to produce rain.
First week after the rain stop i was still hopeful.

Second week, the cucumbers leave are beginning to shrink.
Third week, i know i am in trouble.
Thats when i started running around for water.
I got an emergency water tanker to be supplying the cucumber farm.
Last minute salvaging 
How many water do you imagine i will be pouring on a 10 acre cucumber farm?
Yes. I was that greedy to cultivate that much.
Though i later discovered the land was just about 3 acres but my farm manager has told me 10 acres.
To think that i have been paying for 10 acre management fees.
Pesticide for 10 acres

Fertilizer for 10 acres

Labour work for 10 acres

Tractor ploughing for 10 acre
I believe so many people will be currently running up and down to meet that same billionaires dry season  project.
It was a terrible panicky experience.
So i lost the whole investment.
Meanwhile i have been banking on using the recovered money to repay some debts i have incurred from another farm project.
So back with square one with increase debt.
So another dry season approaches.
You have been told of how you can make millions from an acre of ewedu…
You have read the blogs that said an ugu plot will turn you to midnight billionaire yet the writer did not invest in it…
He sure did not like money..
So many are probably running around to target that million without having prior practical training or knowledge of good agricultural practise
A word they say is enough for the wise.
Yinka Adesola

An organic farmer writes @

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