Extracting Oil From Sunflower

Each time i see massive opportunity abound in Nigeria and i keep wondering why we have so much unemployed people around.
Whatever your hand find doing, please do it. God can only bless the work of your hand
Yesterday i wrote on the massive health benefits of sunflower oil.
The sunflower oil is produced from the seeds of sunflower.
In Ago Amodu, sunflower is called “aga ma go…, some people called it ” aga ma ni ye…..
Apology to my non yoruba friend. 
Other names for it is Tithonia

In Nigeria, sunflower plant is a weed. 

Its generally believe that its found on a rich and fertile soil.
The leaves are chopped up and soaked in water to be  applied to crop as fertilizer in Kenya.
In some countries, the plant sunflower are purposely grown for the production of sunflower oil
In my area, the supposed sunflower are sprayed with herbicide to stop it from growing.
By the next one month, you see them coming up again.
So we keep trying every method to destroy and control the growth of sunflower
And then we go to Europe to import the sunflower oil that we use as essential oils.
For those that might think along extracting the sunflower oil, the raw material are abundant and wasting away.
Farmers will be glad that you are clearing the farm edge for them 
A friend of mine suggest having an industrial oil expeller. 
And you will sure be on your way to getting empowered and empowering some other people.
Everyday i see opportunities around.

Nigeria is truly blessed.
The sunflower picture was taken on my way to farm this morning.

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