Obsession With The Hatchery

Sometimes last year i was so obsessed with having an incubator..
Chicken, turkey, guinea and all type of eggs can be incubated using the incubator.
So i started checking online with the assistance of a friend and later stumble on several manual incubator.
I had plan to start hatching guinea fowl eggs because we have always exchange the eggs with chicken eggs for the chickens to hatch.
After so many incubator video watching and memorising, i started preparing the spot for my manually constructed incubator.

And then just from the blues, and opportunity came up through a friend turned brother Chuchu and like abracadabra we got not just an incubator but an electric operated and solar operated incubator that can hatch 2,000 eggs.
To imagine i have priced an incubator of 96 eggs for N100,000. 
And to think the only thing that stopped us from buying then was irregular electricity.
Chicken eggs hatched in 21 days

Guinea eggs stayed for 28days.
Dont forget my plan has been to hatched guinea eggs. 
But guineas are seasonal layers.

What do i mean by seasonal layers.
Guineas start laying eggs at the beginning of raining season which usually start from March or April.
And the eggs laying continue till around June July by which the birds must have each laid over 100 eggs.
After which they stop till the next year.
Though the solar panel that came with the incubator could not power such an enormous system. 
The Chinese said the panel was meant to just support when there is no electricity for few minutes.
They never bargain on us living in the dark continent.
Part of the plan is also to breed chickens that will have some good features ( eg big, laying, meaty) and will be adapted to our free range or semi free range system.
So this year we couldn’t meet up with the guineas egg hatching. Though we started the breeding of chicks on a small scale.
Still battling some challenges with the breeding but there is greater hope and interest.
Everyday has been some learning process. 

And we are all gradually putting our house in order in expectation for the guinea hatching.
Already we are looking at growing some guinea corn for the birds against next year.
We should also be able to salvage some soyabeans and groundnuts from the one we planted.
And our friend has been a very motivating factor.
Imagine i have announced to people that we will do trade by barter for guinea eggs hatching.
We hatched 2, you give us one.

With that more eggs will be save from the chickens wasting them by refusing to hatch.
Currently envisaging Ago Amodu, the guinea and chicken city.
Welcome to our city

The incubator below is not ours.

Picture taken from a Zambia page

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