Subsidised Government Farm Inputs

Someome wrote this..
What could be the problem with my maize, its three weeks old I planted using the government subsidized NPK fertilizer. 
please advise.
I cant specifically say what is wrong with the maize but i will tell you my experience with government subsidized farm inputs.

I was fortunate to attend a stakeholders forum meeting at the Federal Ministry Of Agriculture Ogun State some few years back.

That was during the GES era of subsidized maize seed, fertilizer etc.

It was discussed at the forum how the accreditated seeds seller will presents quality seeds that get certified for distribution.

But they will supply bad seeds to the distribution centre for farmers use.

How then do we get an increased crop yield while the seeds planted have been diluted?

I hope that answers the questions above? 

I personally prefer to source my seeds from private sellers cause i can easily referred back if there is any complain in future.

Most free or subsidized things in most cases is always back with story that touch

Note .
The attached picture is a farmers cooperative produces which has nothing to do with the story above.
Thank you

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