Competition For DSTV: Long Overdue

I honestly dont watch television.

People were surprised when i wrote last year that i dont have a TV.
I still boldly say i dont have a television
But i am happy for those that do if TSTV can compete with DSTV.
I was really pained when HiTV has their issues.
How can we be so dependent on imported things to the detriment of ours?
And the good news if its true is that it will be pay per view.
I cant imagine subscribing for a month and all i could get to watch is 30 hours per month.
Thats calculating an average of 2hrs per day for the PHCN light in my locality.

Sure most people will subscribe to pay per view.
But one can only pray that they survive the corrupt terrain.
I remember reading the story of Strive Masiyiwa as regarts econet back then.
HiTV also have their own sad experience.
We can only hope to having the best for money spend.
Welcoming TSTV with open hands

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