Africa Miracle Seeking God

Picture one i stole from Missy Ames timeline and picture 2 i stole from Ames Family Farms.
You are wondering what could make me steal those pictures.
Picture one is a winter squash that got affected by winter…

There is a story behind it on her timeline
Now my own story

Over there i understand they have winter, summer, spring and pardon me not to remember or know the last one if there is any

I also learnt the only time they could plant is the summer time when there is some bit of sunlight.
The rest weather can hardly or do not support any crop to grow.
Picture 2 is basil that i understand will withered off at the slight touch of winter.
Breathe in…

Breathe out…
But despite all this, we have several gardeners over there growing several crops defiling the odds with the weather that only permits them little space for growing crops.
And back to my country, Nigeria and the surrounding ones.

We import virtually everything we eat despite that we have all year round gift of the weather to plant.
We have two major season in my country which we termed rainy season and dry season.
Rainy season is when the rainfall while dry season is when there is no rain.
Every of our season supports every type of crop.
We have massive land mass that has some very rich soil.
And despite all this, we have the highest rate of poverty stricken people in our midst.
Our country is dependent on donors and help from those countries we should have been supplying food to because of the better advantage we have with the climate.
And then we are always found in the church and mosques seeking for miracle from God.
What miracle is greater than what he has blessed us with?

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