Springing Online Farmers Market

Recently there has been so many online farmers market asking people to sell through their network.
How can you sell what you dont produce?

How can you guys think a farmer that have access to the market will come and sell through your website.
The real farmers are in the village and actually dont even know how to operate the internet.
The internet farmers has nothing to sell cause they do not grow anything.
Imagine i know my way to Lagos, Ibadan, Ilorin etc. 
Give me one tangible reason why i will not find my way to the market with my produce.
Even the village farmers now know the way to the market.
They are already boycotting middle men.

So no show for you oo
Guys go and get some better job to do. 

Either you go farm yourself and place it on your website or find some thing else to market.
But i bet you “Ko si obo ni Idanre mo”

Meaning “There is no monkey on Idanre hill again”
Plead dont ask me what it means ooo.

Consult google..

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