The Farm Practical Class

So two weeks into the practical training class that resumes by September 11th.
And i am force to confess to the participants on the farm today that we are moving too fast and  might need to slow down.
We still have over 2 months to cover a lot. 

The point in most training is that the participants actually dictates the pace at which we move.
The commitments they show and the eagerness to learn always push us to move fast.
As of today, we have nursed almost 13 nursery crops and we have done direct seeded crops of almost 4.
Though there are still so many to touch but we will be slowing down so we could give the ones we have planted maximum care so we could have bountiful harvest.
In order not to be idled we have planned to be dedicating saturdays to outside farm trainings.
And so tomorrow the group is looking towards going for black soap making training.

To think even me the trainers will have to be learning from them because i have never taken time to learn that.
The saying that we dont always value what we have nearby simply apply to this.
Next saturday will also be coming with its own extra class outside farm work.
Seriously putting heads together for a possible excursion and a practical class for the team.
I always emphasize that we cant all be farmers. But we can all be employed.
Could be self employed or any other way.

We cant afford not to contribute our own quota to the system.
African Black soap is an highly valued soap outside the country.
I am always amazed when people spend so much on imported soap.
To think its organically made.

Wood ash water is used instead of lye.

Palm kernel oil is the base
I have been thinking of substituting the palm kernel oil with sheabutter to make sheabutter soap..
I am always dreaming..
Dont mind me

Do have a lovely weekend.

Dont forget farmers dont have weekends

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