The Organic Vegetable Box

Now a day’s peoples are moving towards organic food because of increase in awareness about their health.
Several terminal diseases has been related to the increase in synthetic products that are mainly use in conventional production of food crops
The effect of food we consume has made people more conscious and cautious of what they take in dinner or Lunch.. 
While organic food is of no doubt, more healthier than its non-organic, so many fake products are known to have been claiming organic especially in Nigeria where we have no true certification body
To be on organic diets, one must ensure the source of all fruits, vegetables, seafood, poultry, diary and meat.
Real organic food takes time to spoil. It can be preserved for longer time that non-organic food. 
The reason this happens is because organic fruits and vegetables don’t have artificial preservatives.
 Unfortunately, organic outputs  is not available easily in all parts of the city thanks to organic not yet commanding some premium price
What to keep in mind while purchasing organic food 
While shopping for organic food, opt for organic potatoes, onions, chili,  spinach and cabbage since these vegetables are said to be packed with vitamin C, iron and magnesium content.
 Keep your arteries healthy by regularly having organic vegetable soup, which is said to contain high levels of salicylic acid. 
Organic apples are very healthy and are said to be great for the immune system  one each day will make a positive difference to your health.
 Several studies have also shown that organic milk contains powerful antioxidants as well as omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for health in the long run. 
*  It’s Time to Start 

We don’t go completely organic at one go.
 Slowly incorporate organic food in your diet so that your body is ready to accept the change.
 Several organic food consumers also say that organic food tastes better.
  *    Advantages of organic food 

There are a lots of benefits that come along with eating organic food. 
A.    Consuming non-processed foods can help prevent cancer and even heart diseases.
B.   They contain a lot more antioxidants than non-organic food products. 
C.    With certain health experts also recommending an organic food diet to those wishing to lose weight, there has been an increase in consumption in recent times.
D.    Organic food does not contribute to pollution it is grown in a way that does not harm the environment and obliviously protecting next generation.
Our weekly organic vegetable box will be hitting the markets by early December.
Keep some dates with us 
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