Battling With Failed Business? Read This

The general believe when it come to farm labour work is that Nigerians are lazy.
Capital NO. 
Nigerians are not  lazy.
Our great grandfathers, grandfathers and fathers only knew farming as a profession.
They marry plenty wives so they could have plenty children to assist on the farm with their farm work.
The richest family then was determined by the quantity of the yam barns that they have.
All this farm work was done with mere hoes and  cutlasses.
Then the missionary come along with education and how important it is for us to be educated to be somebody in life.
And to prove the point, the first set of the boys that register to be in school were offered jobs as clerk in the white mans office as they do call them then.
Others were given scholarship for further studies outside the country.
The missionaries build schools, health centres etc.
So every father start dreaming of children going to school, get a white collar job in the office and live in the big city.
My neighbour son has been sent abroad when he finish standard 3
He came back with a big car.
I am saving this yam money to make sure you go to school and get a scholarship too.
So you can come back with big car
Thats baba Emeka talking to his son.
Same time mama Bola is encouraging his son to study hard.
These children they are grooming are therefore exempted from going to farm.
Their main work is to study for the white collar job.
And gradually we lost the place of farming or doing manual labor to the old ones in the village.
So how then do we say they are lazy when we never taught them to hold the hoes nor cutlass?
The tallest story building i learnt was build from cocoa farm. Named cocoa house.
So many of such.
So you can agree with me that the youth are not lazy.
Its simply they were never taught.

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