How Do You Treat Your Workers

Most of us has been battling with failed businesses because of the way we treat our workers.
A well compensated worker will give you peace of mind and take good care of your business.
Imagine you pay your driver N20,000 monthly because he has no choice. There is no job outside.
That is N667 per day
This driver has a wife with 4 kids.

He pays house rent

He feed his family.
Then the same driver is the one you give N20,000 to take your children for outing at Mr Biggs, Chicken Republic.
Possibly twice or even thrice in a month.
And then…
Oh boy , why you come late?

His friend ask him one day at their usual hangout.
No mine me jare, i carry my oga children go shopping. He replied.
Na only you go with them? Friend ask
Abeg leave me jare wetin you dey ask.

Who wan follow them before?
So they settle down to have their drinks
Few month later, kids got missing.
So sure you will gladly vomit millions to see your kid alive.
Guys, your driver can sell you

Your labourer know your movement

Your cook can poison you

Your workers are the closest to you.
Why not treat them well?

Why not be human?
Taking another angle.

You want the best for your kids and family

You will never in your wildest imagination allow them do such demeaning work especially in Nigeria.
And yet, you offer peanuts to your workers because they are at your mercy.
Turning the table again.

Did you ever pray to be in the situation that they find themselves?
Would you be happy if anyone treat you the way you are currently handling your workers?
Would you ever pray for your  children to be bless with the kind of boss you are to your workers?
We always quote
” Treat people as you want to be treated”
Are you treating people the way you want people to treat you?
The question is between you and your conscience if you still have any
Resting my case here

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