Castor OilAs Preservative

Glad to stumble on this information.
The anti-fungal property of castor oil can be  put to good use in the food industry. 
Not forgetting our farmers has been using the deadly synthetic pesticides for grain preservation.
Many dried grains and pulses are given a coating of the oil when they have to be stored for a long time. 
Castor oil also seems to repel insect pests that spoil them.
 A typical example is cowpea smeared with the oil.
 It washes off when these dry foodstuffs are soaked in water and rinsed before cooking.
This is far far better than the poison we currently use.
If you’re hoarding survival foods for potential emergencies, you have to protect them against spoilage by microbes as well as macro pests.

 This is an alternative to chemical preservatives, especially if your focus has been on stocking organic products.
 Using castor oil may be the best option for you.
The picture is the castor plant we are currently propagating at the edge of the farm to help against the herdsmen

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