Managing Your Agribusiness

” Someone just bought 10 greenhouse of 28 x 10m  for tomato farming which cost almost 2million each”
“Another one got 100 hectares of land with all farm mechanised machineries to manage the farm”
” I learnt some one also established a processing factory worth billions of naira”
And then in 5 – 10 years time, the factory, the farm, the greenhouses are put up for sale..
Want to read more of this stuff?
Visit nairaland/agricultural section. You will be amazed at the no of poultry house, green house, pigsty etc that are up for sale.

No matter how much you committed to a farm, factory, business etc, the management of the human resources is highly essential.
Our country and generally African countries seriously lack management techniques.
Human resources management most especially. We are not putting into consideration that our workers, staff and team members are the business.
Having a good team/workers is what propelled your business.
Imagine if the greenhouse owner have trained the staff on good agricultural practises, offered him some percentage of the return after expenses deduction.
Picture a place where your expected return on investment  is N500,000 per month
You offer your worker 10% of whatever he brings in every month. 
10% of N500,000.00 is N50,000.

A smart worker will earn himself more than N50,000 because he knows more increase for you mean more money for him.
There is possibility of him bringing in another friend or someone else to manage another extension with the same agreement.
More expansion means more money for you and more fund for the system.
Until we start adopting the system that also benefit our workers, business will keep failing.
Your most important assets are your workers, team members.
System work outside because people are paid per the hour they work. The business owners ensure the work hours are well accounted for.
Just as we have the workers that will say “oga ta, Oga ota, same way we have the boss that underpaid their workers.
Having someone work with you, progressing and happily doing that is far more rewarding than having grudging and complaining workers.
Unhappy workers will destroy your effort.

They will collide with outsiders to steal your properties.
Happy workers will protect your territories.

Its no longer theirs but ours.
Your success become their success
For your business to succeed, your workers must be put into consideration

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